This was the picture on a birthday card sent me by one of my beloved brothers. He meant it as a joke, and it is very funny. But it can be looked at more than one way. The obvious reference is to the open-plan office where the employees are giving their work less than their full attention, when someone sees the boss coming and warns the others, “Boss coming. Look busy!” One suspects that there are some believers who believe if they can pull the wool over their minister’s eyes, they can pull the wool over God’s eyes too. Look out, padre coming! There are others who get fed up waiting for Jesus’s glorious return and let their standards or their commitment slip. Then when they get reminded of their own mortality, they try their best to “look busy”. Jesus in fact calls us, not to look busy, but to be busy. Busy doing the work he has given us to do: the work of testifying to Jesus by our words (telling others about him and inviting them to become Jesus’ friends), and by our lives – showing others what kind of a difference Jesus can make to rhe life of a human being by the way we live. When Jesus does return in glory, if we are not only looking busy but being busy with the work he has given us to do, he will welcome us into his glorious kingdom.. But that’s another message.