We have learned to be cynical these days. Somebody says to
us they can show us the politician who can get the country’s economy moving and
bring back the good times, we are likely to say “O yeah? Tell me another
one!” Or the preacher or church leader who can bring the nation back to
God and fill the churches again? In your dreams! Or somebody with a great
business idea which can provide lots of jobs for many years! Heard it all

Andrew told Peter, “I’ve found the Messiah!” –
the one God promised to send to get his people out of trouble. And Andrew was
Peter’s brother! Well, how much notice do you take of what your brother tells
you? But Andrew said, “Come and see”. Peter did, and became one of
the foremost leaders of the early church. Philip tells Nathaniel he has found
the Messiah. But Nathaniel knew better than that. Whoever heard of a Messiah
who came from Nazareth? Philip says, “Come and see”. Nathaniel does,
and finds that Jesus could read his character just from seeing him sitting under
his fig tree. He too becomes a disciple.

Jesus claims to be able to make us all that we were meant
to be and to give us life that goes on after death seem just as impossible
today. The claim that he is God who has come down to live among us, is still
living in the hearts of his people, and will come back one day to bring justice
to all, seems nothing short of ludicrous. But Jesus says to us, as he said to
those early disciples, “Come and see”. If we do, he will draw us into
a friendship with God that will transform your life here and now, and which
will open the way to a much more glorious life after death.